How It Works

What is Sales 4 Schools?

Sales 4 Schools is an exclusive network of real estate professionals who are committed to giving back to local schools.

Authorized Agents have agreed to donate 10% of their commission (up to a max of $500) for each sale involving a school family or one of its referrals.

Donations are based on the agents commission (after broker splits/fees, if applicable).

How it works for schools

Sales 4 Schools pairs the top real estate professionals with buyers and sellers

Any time one of our agents complete a sale involving a school family or one of its referrals, the school will receive a check

Our network is growing… if your school/district is not currently paired with an agent, we are committed to helping you find the best in your area.

If you know an agent you believe will be a perfect fit for our network, we welcome your “nomination”.

Check out some of the schools/districts that have received support from Sales 4 Schools agents

  • Poway Unified School District, CA
  • Westwood Elementary School, CA
  • Chaparral Elementary School, CA
  • Painted Rock Elementary School, CA
  • Monterey Ridge Elementary School, CA
  • Twin Peaks Middle School, CA
  • Black Mountain Middle School, CA
  • Bernardo Heights Middle School, CA
  • Sunset Hills Elementary School, CA
  • Bear Valley Middle School, CA
  • Escondido Union School District, CA
  • Paloma Elementary School, CA
  • San Marcos Unified School District, CA
  • and more…

How it works for clients

Whether buying or selling, our agents are the BEST! Their success means your success…and success for a school. The choice is yours.

Our Authorized Agents know their communities backwards and forwards.

They have proven track records and stellar reputations among past clients and fellow agents.

How it works for agents

Sales 4 Schools Authorized Agents are the best in the business. We offer our agents access to a proven system with marketing strategies that work!

If you are an agent committed to your community, your local schools, and providing the absolute best service to your clients, we are looking for you!

Apply Now (button to short for…or long form if it exists yet)

Success Stories

Mr. and Mrs. Boehm

Mr. and Mrs. Boehm were looking to sell their first home, a condo in San Diego. It was time for them to move up to a detached home in another nearby neighborhood within the same community. They called Sales 4 Schools founder Megan Orvis Morris. During the initial contact, the client (a local teacher) said that while she knew several agents in the area, she wanted to work with Megan because of her commitment to local schools. As both a buyer and seller, there were two closings. The client decided to benefit two schools…Chaparral Elementary ($500) where her children attend and Paloma Elementary where she teaches ($500). Mr. and Mrs. B are living happily ever after raising their children in the neighborhood she grew up.

Mr. and Mrs. Crane

Mr. and Mrs. Crane were looking to move up from their 3 bedroom single story home to a larger two story in the neighborhood. As parents at Chaparral Elementary School, they had heard of Megan Orvis Morris and her program benefitting local schools. She was an easy pick as their agent since she knows the area well and has successfully represented other families at their school. Because this family had two children at two different schools, they opted to split the donations from the two closings to both schools. In this instance, Chaparral Elementary School received $500 and Bernardo Heights Elementary School also received $500.

Westwood Elementary

As well as donating to schools with real estate closings, many of our agents are also committed to sponsoring school events. One example is the Winter Raffle at Westwood Elementary. Sales 4 Schools founder, Megan Orvis Morris, donated an iPad and the students sold raffle tickets to the community. In two weeks time, the students had collectively sold 1,000 tickets at $10 each earning the school $10,000! As a result, several other schools in the district have held similar raffles.