How it started

Sales 4 Schools started with one agent’s commitment to give back to schools with each real estate closing involving a school family or one of its referrals. San Diego based Realtor, Megan Orvis Morris, created Sales 4 Schools to recognize like-minded agents who are ready to make the same commitment in their areas.



Megan Orvis Morris

Megan Orvis Morris has been a successful full-time Realtor for over 20 years. As a business woman, parent, and former president for a local school foundation, she realized the immense need for more funding for our schools…everywhere.

Megan began giving back to schools with her closings back in 2012, but it was strictly word of mouth. In 2012 and 2013 combined, she gave back approximately $800 to local schools. But she was just getting started.

In the first year after launching Sales 4 Schools in 2014 (formerly known as Escrows 4 Education) Megan gave back over $10,000 to local schools. She attributes this to the increase in her referral base due to community support and recognition.

Today Sales 4 Schools has donated approximately $25,000 to schools in the local community. The goal is to increase that amount by millions.